About Us

Nagara Sains Ekosistem (hereinafter referred to as “Nagara”) is a subsidiary of Kakiatna Indonesia (established in 1999 - former Gizania Group), a group of companies whose range of operations span in various industries from Power, Engineering, Construction, to Technology, Media, Agriculture, Retail.

With 22 years experience in the power business, and powered by proficient and finest engineers, Nagara is fully equipped with capabilities to become one stop electric vehicle solution in Indonesia.


EV Ecosystem

With the desire to conveys Indonesia toward the inevitable electric mobility revolution, Nagara actively support and develop E-Vehicle Ecosystem in Indonesia.

Research and Development

Nagara supported by top tier engineer, international class researchers, and qualified mechanics. Partnership with top research universities in R&D, with combined expertise on:
  • Electrical Machines, Motor Drives, and Converters
  • Power Electronics Integration
  • Fuel Cells
  • Thermal Management System
  • Energy Storage System
  • Charging Stations
  • Artificial Intelligent and Safety
  • Regulation & Certifications
    Nagara actively contacted with Indonesian Government, Regional Government, various Ministry, providing insight and support for E-Vehicle roadmap in Indonesia.


    In terms of education, Nagara cooperates with The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and Politeknik Keselamatan Transportasi, Tegal and providing support and connection between universities abroad.


    Furthermore, Nagara also receive warm welcomes and actively communicate with international battery manufacture, charging system manufacture, and spare part manufacture.

    Workshop System

    Nagara design and develop e-vehicle workshop system in Indonesia to support the E-Vehicle Ecosystem

    Battery Management System

    Join R&D and partnering with international battery manufacturer

    Artificial Intelligent and Safety

    The latest technology provided to ensure your safety


    Our Services

    We provide knock down process for other manufacturer with for specific brands and manufacturer. The process will be conducted by proficient technician and complies with the standard and regulation for EV conversion

    News & Events

    Coaching Clinic for the Development of EVs in Indonesia at PNKJ 2021 by Ministry of Transportation – 07/11/21
    NAGARA was officially invited to attend the 2021 National Road Safety Week (Puncak Pekan Nasional Keselamatan Jalan - PNKJ) on Sunday, November 7, 2021, at Lumbini Park, Borobudur Temple, Magelang. The event was organised by the Directorate of Road Transportation Facilities.
    PNKJ 2021 is a follow-up to the UN's call to campaign for Road Safety, Pollution-Free Vehicles, Health, and Liveable Cities. The series of PNKJ activities include talk shows, FGDs, creativity competitions (photos, videos, comics, murals) with the theme of road safety, as well as an electric vehicle exhibition.
    NAGARA had the opportunity to provide a coaching clinic at an electric vehicle exhibition attended by various developers, manufacturers and distributors of electric vehicles in Indonesia from universities and industries. In this activity, our mechanical engineer, Arya Dipajaya Nugraha provides an overview of the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.
    The talk show discussed the strengths of EVs, the national EV development roadmap, government regulation to undergird EVs and conversion of ICE to EV, and the Nagara Tech research to build the EV ecosystem. Arya said that the use of EVs has many advantages for end users, in terms of performance, maintenance, and environmental aspects. Therefore, the Industry and the government must jointly answer the market needs by developing electric vehicles, both new and convertible electric vehicles. With the support from the government, policies, as well as the right plans and strategies, could provide a positive spirit for manufacturers, distributors, and users of electric vehicles to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution and reduce emissions from the transportation sector.
    Research and Development
    Institutional Collaboration


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